About us

We are a couple of different origin. Bee is from Thailand, born in Pa Fang, province of Satun. She knows the area, its people and custom. Darius is from Switzerland, born and grown up in the province of Baselland. We have been living together in Thailand for 7 years. We run the Café Lipé and the bungalows together. Locals from the island as well as friends from Switzerland work with us from time to time. A family, member of the native chaolee population, let us the land for our bungalows. We try our best to work close with the people from here.

Touristic developement of an island offers many chances, but also negative aspects may result. Its our concern to take care of the nature on Koh Lipé. For this reason we use solar energy, wherever possible. We also take care of our garbage and care about recycling. Our resort even owns a purification plant. It is our desire, that Lipé also in the future stays habitable. The contact to people from all over the world, the cultural exchange and all experiences we make encourage us to continue on our way. We would love to get to know you and share these experiences with you.